Tim Brooke & I have been working on a system to capture the number of cups of tea and coffee made on each floor of Imagination’s offices. The #Activitea project was started to better understand and illustrate activity within Imagination’s London offices.

From today, we have a fully working prototype counting the number of hot drinks made in the first floor kitchen at Imagination’s London office.

Working progress

The prototype consists of 3 objects: a ‘tea counter’ object housing an ultrasonic sensor, a receiving/transmitting object housing an Arduino and a digital transmitter module and an optional solar power object housing 4 solar cells which produces enough power to support the project. The ultrasonic sensor senses the presence of a cup which is then logged by the Arduino and submitted to Cosm website ( Cosm plots the data on a graph that shows when and how many hot drinks have been consumed each day.

Dataset can be found here.

We are continuing to develop this project extending sensors to other parts of the building and we’re planning to incorporate physical-data-scraping technology integrated into future projects. We’ve build the prototype so that it’s easy to swap in different kinds of sensors. For instance we’re people flow in the building could be tracked by attaching motion sensors to the doors in the building.

Follow the #Activitea tag for future developments on this project.