Hiut Music features in MagPi (Issue 34)

Hiut x Rivet and Hide Case Study

David McCourt and I have been working to create a case study video for the Hiut x Rivet and Hide Interactive Window. It is now live;

Cardboard Objects


I have just completed Cardboard Objects for Knit – a 2 week project exploring additional NFC functionality for Google Cardboard. The project went through various stages; initially laser cutting the whole device from scratch until settling on designing a modification for existing devices. We are now testing a 360 video rig to create original content for the device.

Here’s a few progress photos that the press release doesn’t include;





Interview for Bare Conductive

I recently met with Grace from Bare Conductive for a “Q & A” on the Hiut x Rivet and Hide Interactive Window. It was great to chat through the highs and the lows of the project build and hopefully give Bare’s audience an understanding of what’s involved in using Electric Paint for a commercial project. The article is now live on their site (here)