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Category: Hacks

Laser Cut iPhone

TweetYes, another bit of random laser cutting, although this one did come before the pumpkin. I did this one shortly after the release of Tiny Wings, by which time I was of course addicted to it. I did and still do love the graphics in the game and firmly believe they have a lot to […]

Laser Cut Pumpkin – The Follow-up

Tweet So I on the 30th November I casually laser-cut a pumpkin and blogged it. A Makezine post, a Gizmodo feature, 20 pingbacks and 7600 blog views later I’m coming to terms with the fact it went a bit viral. Make: Gizmodo:

Laser Cut Pumpkin

Tweet Yes that’s right, today I laser cut a pumpkin. I traced a design I thought way too technical to carve (I’m sure there are people who could), and one that I thought would look pretty: I then traced it on Illustrator and with zero testing I placed them pumpkin on the bed and cut […]