Laser Cut Pumpkin

by jack

Yes that’s right, today I laser cut a pumpkin. I traced a design I thought way too technical to carve (I’m sure there are people who could), and one that I thought would look pretty:

I then traced it on Illustrator and with zero testing I placed them pumpkin on the bed and cut away:

And the finished result…

As you can see I played with multiple depths to affect the light. Not perfect by all means but it makes for a very pretty pumpkin.

One observation I would have though; I usually spend about an hour carving my halloween pumpkin and I enjoy the whole process. I like everything from choosing a suitable knife, to picking minuscule details out with my fingernails. However, this pumpkin was under the laser cutter for 20 dreary minutes, with a pong of burnt pumpkin and the relentless noise of the contained extraction unit. I’ll keep it traditional next year.