Sound Activated LED Installation

BMW PGA Championship | TRO | Knit


BMW created a world-class Championship Village at the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth, UK which was designed, built and managed by TRO.

As part of the campaign, Knit developed a sound activated LED installation to support the interactive BMW M product showcase for the 2014 PGA Tour.

To draw visitors to the BMW M product showcase, and immerse them in the high-performance M brand, Knit built an LED display activated by the sound of the new BMW M4. At set intervals, the sound of an M4 accelerating hard through the gears would explode through the speakers. This would activate 6,120 LEDs embedded in the walls on either side of the stand with the animation increasing in speed as the M4 accelerated.

A Raspberry Pi was used to analyse the sound whilst Arduino Nano‘s drove the NeoPixel LED strips.

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Project Duration
3 weeks
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