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// Best Product Design – Industrial @ The Design Week Awards
// Innovative Use of Digital @ The Drum Dream Awards
// Media: Creative Technology @ The Drum Dream Awards
// Digital: Single Execution @ The Drum Dream Awards
// Best Social Media Campaign @ The Event Technology Awards
// Best Social Media Tool @ The Event Technology Awards

Hiut Denim Co do “one thing and one thing well”, they make jeans. “When the music is loud and the coffee is strong” a handful of Grand Masters can make 100 pairs of jeans a week in their factory in a small town on the West coast of Wales.

Hiut Music is a jukebox powered by Twitter and situated in the Hiut Factory. Hiut fans anywhere in the world request a track with a simple tweet including; “#hiutmuisc”, the artist name, track title, and ensuring location is turned on. This will be instantly detected and added to the playlist.

Hiut Music has a display that illuminates whenever there is a request. The location of the tweet is represented as the colour of the illumination. The further away the origin of the tweet, the warmer the colour of the display. For example the display would illuminate white when it receives a request from the factory, or red if it receives a request from New Zealand.

Grand Masters in the factory can favourite tracks using the ‘save’ button. This saves the track to the ‘favourites playlist’ and posts a tweet from the @hiutmusic Twitter account. Grandmasters can also skip a track using the ‘skip’ button.

Hiut Music also has an online interface. This displays the track history and visualises the Twitter data as a live infographic. The current track, what’s “up next” and the entire track history are displayed as well as when they were played and if they were saved or skipped. Every Twitter request, including location can be explored through various visualisations enabling users to explore the history of requests.

Hiut Music uses a Raspberry Pi model B, in conjunction with an Arduino Nano microcontroller. The website (hiutmusic.co.uk) processes the Twitter requests and pushes tracks to Hiut Music using the Spotify APi. The Raspberry Pi runs an app that communicates with the website and streams the tracks. The Arduino is used to control the display (made up of Neopxel LEDs) and handles the touch sensor buttons and volume control (potentiometer).

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