Interactive Children's Department


As part of Next’s Andale store refurbishment, Dalziel & Pow interactive experiences throughout the children’s department.

Interactive Touch Columns – Structural columns through the department were made interactive by integrating capacitive touch sensing games. One game was a “match the pairs game” where pressing¬†two of the same icons triggered a secret sound. Another game encouraged musical exploration by pressing instrument icons, each instrument icon added a layer to a track that would play from the column.

Magic Mirrors – Conceleald within some of the mirrors was proximity sensors and a large LED screen. When customers used the mirror, the proximity sensors would trigger large animation that would temporarily take-over the mirror.

Interactive Floor – In the shoe section there was digital hopscotch. Pressure pads are concealed under graphics of lily pads. When customers jump on the lily pads (when trying on shoes) projection mapping is triggers and the floor springs to life with fish and frogs.

Creative Technologist Lead
Project Duration
24 weeks
Dalziel & Pow