Mobile Insights India

NCR | Product Research Studio | MSc Product Design


“Where in many Western countries the advent of mobile technologies was seen as an evolutionary step forward, in developing nations it could be seen as a mobile revolution. NCR are looking to countries such as India to understand how businesses and consumers are adopting mobile technologies and the opportunities this may create. We are keen to continue to support and build on our already strong cross industry-academic relationships. Collaborating with the Product Research and MSc Product Design studios at Dundee University will enable us to engage with consumers on the ground, gather genuine insights into mobile technologies and foster new relationships in India.” Steven Birnie, Senior Industrial Designer, Cx Design, NCR.

Mobile Insights India is a report commissioned by NCR and the result of a 2 week research expedition to Ahmedabad India. The 60-page report details various research methods used whilst on the trip including focus groups, interviews, surveys and concludes with five NCR concepts that would work well in India.




NCR | Product Research Studio | MSc Product Design
Designer | Researcher