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PlayPaper is an Imagination Labs project for Fieldguide at Mozilla Festival 2012, that explores connecting paper to the internet using Bare Conductive ink.

Following on from the pioneering work of PaperApps at South By South West earlier this year, PlayPaper demonstrates paper interactions as a physical web input method, turning touch into a digital, online representation. These two implementations are just examples of what can be achieved and are presented to spark new ideas for how exciting physical inputs can influence and create web content.

“Imagination Labs is an incredibly inspiring an inspiration space that co-exists as a lab between the hard-pressures of commercialisation and the need for us as humans to play. The work that balances a coherent demonstration of printed electronics technology with a simple well known paper-based game is simply wonderful. More like this please!”
DR JON ROGERS | Fieldguide and The University of Dundee





Mozilla | Fieldguide | Imagination | The Lab
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8 weeks
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