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Seven Seconds Ago; “We’re working to connect people to the wild, through an exhilarating and immerse experience. 7 seconds ago – aptly named after the approximate delay from our live feed video stream – is an open source project and the work of a union of specialists – digital makers, conservationists, tinkers and engineers with a unique vision. Breathtaking experiences, with a purpose.

By using a modified Google cardboard enclosure, a streaming 360 degree VSN camera, a little engineering, a little digging, and the odd watering hole or two – 7 seconds ago uses a mirrored camera to capture 360 degree panoramas in real time. No moving parts means our solution can be rugged. Well suited for life in the dirt. The dust. The wild.

Better yet – we’re going to capture footage AND monitor wildlife. By streaming the content to citizen scientists – to people wanting to experience the thrill of watching eloquent giraffes stumble past, families of elephants shake the ground and inquisitive meerkats watching for approaching eagles – we want to make a difference through a unique data capture process.
Tap the button when you see a species. Look up for your identification list. Think you know what it is? Look down for the key facts. Make your choice.
You’re helping to count, monitor and conserve wildlife. You’re a citizen scientist – thousands of miles away – able to observe fascinating wildlife interactions, encounters, through innovative new technologies.”

As part of the collective; Seven Seconds Ago, I helped realise this vision for the project which has materialised in an exhibition space at Digital Design Weekend in the Victoria and Albert Museum, and a panel discussion at SXSW 2016 in Austin, TX.

Modified Google Cardboard for passive sound amplification

SXSW 2016

VSN Camera

The meerkat rig

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