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By 2050, the world will need 50% more food, 40% more energy and 30% more water. But how do you make these numbers understandable? We had to use the existing Shell Eco-Marathon programme to engage students and families across the world in this, the biggest challenge that we face.

The Shell Eco-Marathon challenges students to design build and race a car that can go the furthest distance on the least amount of fuel.

Alongside the excitement of the student challenge, we created the Shell Energy Lab for families and school groups. Each visitor received an RFID pass, allowing them to interact with exhibits and collect content to view and share online afterwards.

Physical and digital experiences within the Energy Lab included a six metre globe on which the story of the world in 2050 was projected, using scientific data and realtime visitor data; a treasure hunt-style energy poll, which encouraged visitors to make decisions about how they would tackle the energy challenge, and rewarded them with personalised infographics; an energy generator challenge – how much energy can you generate by running in a giant hamster wheel? With personalised video souvenirs as a reward.

In order to increase engagement with the The Energy Lab Pass, The Lab built and interactive LED Panel.








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