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The Physical App Store answered a Mozilla brief to design and build a festival wayfinder for Mozilla festival 2011. It aimed to provide a medium to navigate the mass of media being generated by the festival.

The Physical App Store is a structure housing four objects powered by software previously limited to purely screen based applications. The notion of a ‘Physical App’ brings more tangibility than is possible from a screen interface and allows them to be specifically tailored to a festival environment. The Physical Apps are:

Radio Mozfest – a Soundcloud powered radio. This radio scraped audio recordings made at the festival that had been uploaded through the Soundcloud app using the location data from the API. Visitors could then interact with the radio by turning the dial and tuning into the constantly updating sounds.

Mozfest Live – a Skype powered television. This television broadcast interviews live through Skype, allowing visitors to the App Store to have an input to the interview, despite being at a different area of the festival.

Print Mozfest – a BBC powered news page printer. This printer printed an a5 news page every 5 minutes. The page was full of local, hyper-local and national news scraped through various BBC RSS feeds and blogs.

Mozfest Images – a Twitter powered photo frame. Every picture uploaded to Twitter with the hashtag ‘#mozfest’ would be temporarily displayed on this photo frame.

Full write-up here.

Radio Mozfest

Mozfest Live

Print Mozfest

Mozfest Images

The Physical App Store at Mozfest 201

The Physical App Store at Mozfest 2011

The Physical App Store at Mozfest 2011

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